Cyrille L. Gagne

Webmaster / Graphics Consultant


Born in Maine and grew up in Springfield Mass. Did a tour of duty in Vietnam during a two year enlistment in the Marine Corps. Married Karen (Noorda) Gagne in 1970. Served for four years in the Coast Guard as an Aviation Electrician. Moved to California for a time and later a year in Utah before moving to Highgate Center where he has lived since 1977. He worked on Gaston Gagner’s Dairy Farm and n Fernand Gagne’s Saw Mill before starting his career with IBM from which he retired as a Staff Engineer in 2002.

Since his retirement he has been associated with Kidder Memorial Home as a graphics and technical consultant. Cy & Karen had 8 children; Kenneth, Pierre , Ozanna, Desiree, Chantelle, Adrienne, Carter and Ruth.

Carter passed away on March 10, 2011. They currently have 7 grandchildren;

Ashton , Ethan, Gage, Adam, Hayden, Micaela, and Marshall. Grace Ellen was born & died on 9/3/2002 


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